How to apply?

Here are the steps which bring you to study in Hungary:1. We have wide range of programmes (short English or Hungarian language courses, preparatory, foundation, bachelor, master, MBA, PhD, etc.) in different fields (business, management, medicine, engineering, media, law, biology, marketing, agriculture, design, tourism, earth sciences, music, computer sciences, art, diplomacy, nursery, finance, etc.). Choose the programme on our website, write your choice to and don’t forget to attach your passport (if passport is not available, then national ID). Undecided which program to choose? Then do not hesitate to contact us for professional advice. 2. We will send you information about the chosen programme and explain application process (application form, language requirements, the list of required documents, etc.). 3. You collect the documents according to our instructions and university requirements.

4. We will send your documents to the university and help you to get acceptance.

5. After receiving your application materials, university staff makes a decision about your admission and issue an Acceptance Letter if you are eligible for the programme you choose.

6. You pay university fees (e.g. tuition fee, registration fee, etc.) to their bank account (not ours) within given deadline (timeframe depends on university and programme).

7. If you need a visa to enter Hungary, then university sends your visa support package after you pay all fees to the university. If you need visa support service, we are ready to advise and help you.

8. You obtain visa (if needed) and come to Hungary. Enjoy your study and stay in this beautiful country with high level of education!

Representative office in Baku, Azerbaijan

Study in Hungary

Phone: +994 55 668 94 82 and +994 50 257 11 41